What things to plan?

What clothes and jewelry to wear for good luck in work and love?

What part of the body should you pay special attention to?

What number will be happy?

What can't be done categorically?

The horoscope of the day answers these questions.

The current lunar day has the following characteristics:

Astrological advice of the day:

a day when you can implement any - even the most daring - plans, so it is advisable to use the moment and catch professional talent.

It is also good for conducting business, solving financial issues and any negotiations - both business and personal.

Day symbol:


The element of the day

is Earth.

Energy of the day:

passive day

Lucky day:


Lucky color of the day:

blue, cornflower, violet.

Lucky stones of the day:

jaspilite, red jasper.

What part of the body is responsible for:

the abdominal cavity.

Illnesses of the day:

due to the powerful flow of energy that will overwhelm the body and, as a result, strong physical tension, there is a high probability of injuries, so it is important to be careful.

No matter what organ is bothering a person with pain, it is strictly forbidden to engage in self-medication - the medicine must be prescribed by a doctor.

Food of the day:

you can starve, fast, go on a diet, and arrange unloading days - for example, apple or kefir - days.

Dreams of the day:

the dreams of the current night can show a person not only his past, but also his future, so it is desirable to carefully decipher and analyze them.

Haircut of the day:

the day is favorable for a haircut.

Aphorism of the day: "

A high goal, even an unfulfilled one, is dearer to us than a low one, even if achieved" (Johann Wolfgang Goethe).

Guardian angel of the day:

Lamas – takes care of independent and independent people.

Magic and mysticism of the day:

you can perform rituals using the magical power of minerals.

Taboo of the day:

you need to be afraid of great heights.

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