[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Wang Xiaofei broke out about the divorce money dispute with "Big S" Xu Xiyuan. Wang Xiaofei's mother, Zhang Lan, turned into "Zhan Lan", issued a statement on behalf of her son, and raged on the live broadcast of Big S's bigamy, cheating, and sucking him Her son's blood, she also sucked up the flow, and the sales of goods reached 1.1 billion in two weeks. She announced her diagnosis during the live broadcast, and continued to live live, lying on the bed weakly to sell things. Send her flowers.

Zhang Lan (pictured) was diagnosed and lying in bed to live broadcast to make money, and Wang Xiaofei sent her flowers.

(Turn over Weibo)

Zhang Lan was lying on the bed and started a live broadcast, revealing her symptoms after the diagnosis. On the first day, "I had a severe stomach pain, and the bones all over my body hurt like they were broken." However, after taking the medicine and sleeping, it has relieved a lot.

Her voice was obviously a little hoarse during the live broadcast, but she emphasized that it would be fine if she just rinsed her mouth, and she didn't need to pretend to be sick, and continued to sell vitamins in the live broadcast.

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Zhang Lan continued the live broadcast the next day after her diagnosis, saying that she wanted to drink water all the time. She had a fever of 38 or 39 degrees. The rear, looks haggard.

Wang Xiaofei specially sent her flowers. She was very happy holding the flowers. Netizens wondered why her son didn't come to see her mother. Zhang Lan's nurse said that if Wang Xiaofei came, he would be infected.

Assistant Zhang Lan was broadcasting live, and she was diagnosed lying in the back.

(Turn over Weibo)

Netizens opened their eyes and said, "If you are sick, you can sell goods on the spot. It's really a life that sells goods." "Isn't it necessary for performances to lie down?" Poor, I still have to go to work when it’s sunny.”

In addition, Xu Fang, a female Internet celebrity with 310,000 fans on Weibo, posted a post to criticize Zhang Lan and Wang Xiaofei's mother and son, "Zhang Lan and Wang Xiaofei's mother and son, pretending to be pigs and eating tigers are the first. Both mother and son are silicon crystal (drama) upper body , Oscar winner and actress! 360 shows the despicableness of Chinese men and mothers-in-law.” She said that women must be cautious when getting married, especially those who are not financially independent, otherwise they will be caught in a tiger’s mouth and never come back.

In an avalanche, not a single snowflake is innocent. Big S pursues child support. What's wrong?

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