Tao Zhe (left 1) invited top international musicians for the concert.

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[Reporter Zhang Yiling/Taipei Report] This year marks the 25th anniversary of the debut of "King of Golden Melody" Tao Zhe, and also the 20th anniversary of the release of "Black Willow Ding". "Tao Zhe's Choice 25: Bring The Light In Collection Concert" also previewed that a new album will be released next year, which everyone looks forward to.

This intimate small concert is an invitation-only concert. Within three days, more than a thousand groups of fans uploaded videos and signed up. Many musician friends also attended. Jay Chou and his wife Kun Ling expressed their support. Danbao, Xiongzi, A-Lin, J.Sheon, 9m88, etc., and even many independent musicians took the initiative to sign up.

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This year marks Tao Zhe's 25th anniversary since his debut.

(Provided by Great Culture)

Tao Zhe was very serious about this performance, and selected classic repertoires for re-adaptation, as well as new songs created in recent years.

He said: "In the past two years, many people have had a hard time. Many people have experienced many changes. My two uncles passed away in the United States. I have no way to see them. I think what many people need now is not entertainment, but music. the power of."

The one-and-a-half-hour performance did not have a big screen and a lot of special effects. Everyone was immersed in Tao Zhe's music at a super close distance.

The two days of the performance coincided with the birthdays of Tao Zhe’s mother and drummer Ash Soan. Tao Zhe gave them the concert as a gift. On the second day, he pushed a cake and sang happy birthday songs when he invited the band to the stage, which attracted countless fans. Ash Soan was surprised and moved, almost to tears.

David Tao recently held a private concert.

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He invited top international musicians from all over the world, including Wu Qinglong, his music partner who has worked together for more than 20 years, and specially arranged Ash Soan, a god-level drummer from London, as the heart of the band, Jamie Wilson, the designated concert team for many years Still playing guitar, Pablo Calzado, a percussionist who has toured with the legendary Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club, is also a member of the band.

The audience is star-studded, and the lineup on the stage is also quite strong.

In addition, Scottie Baldwin, the sound engineer for this private performance, is Prince's queen sound engineer. There is also an earphone listening area at the scene. Many musicians present, whether listening live or listening with earphones, exclaimed in disbelief. Expressed their enthusiasm in the community.

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