Boss Liao's own hand-cranked drink brand "Hey Auntie! Boss Liao Tea House Chain" is facing bankruptcy.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] "Godfather of Racing" Liao Boss created his own hand-cranked drink brand "Aniang Hey! Liao Boss Tea House Chain" in its heyday, yellow and black signs could be seen all over the street. The original goal was to open 513 franchise stores in Taiwan. However, due to repeated negative reviews, there were only 120 stores left in the end, and there were only 5 branches in Beishi. Now it is reported that the last Neihu Wende store in Beishi officially closed down last Saturday (10th).

After Boss Liao announced his withdrawal from the live broadcast circle in September, the beverage franchisees under his banner revealed that Boss Liao had a "fate and die" attitude towards them.

Former Taoyuan City Councilor Wang Haoyu once said something astonishing, predicting that Boss Liao's beverage store "would be closed before the end of the year", and now it is verified.

The last Neihu Wende store in Beishi announced its closure. The franchise owner thanked everyone for their support on Facebook, "We will officially graduate from Boss Liao today."

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"Hey, Auntie! Liao Boss Teahouse Chain", the only remaining Neihu Wende store in Beishi, announced its closure.

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In order to save the business of hand-cranked drinks, Mr. Liao recently released information on new products in November on Facebook, saying that the weather is getting colder. He launched four hot drinks including cocoa milk, original milk tea, rock sugar almond tea, and taro milk, hoping that the public will warm up .

It's a pity that the warm hot drinks can't retain the hearts of customers, and the franchisees can't hold on and can only announce their closure one after another. It also makes people worry about whether the remaining franchisees can survive the Lunar New Year.

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