[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Comprehensive Report] Japan's veteran animation singer Mizuki Ichiro, who sang the theme songs for classic animations such as "Invincible Iron King Kong" series and "Cosmic Knight", is known as the "King of Anime Songs". ) died of lung cancer at the age of 74. The brokerage company issued an obituary confirming that Mizuki Ichiro passed away.

Mizuki Ichiro sadly passed away this month from cancer.

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Mizuki Ichiro has the title of "Big Brother (アニキ)" in the hearts of fans and animation singers. However, in April last year, he disclosed on Twitter that his vocal cords were paralyzed, and he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Planning, helpless and finally lost to illness and passed away on the 6th of this month.

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After suffering from cancer, Mizuki Ichiro frequently went in and out of the hospital for treatment. According to reports, he even sat in a wheelchair to participate in the performance on November 27. However, the cancer cells spread to the brain and lymphatic system, and his condition deteriorated. He left in less than two weeks. world.

The agency stated that only relatives and friends will be invited to Ichiro Mizuki's funeral, hoping that the outside world will give the family some space, and will decline flowers and condolences. The detailed farewell date will be announced later.

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