Wu Shanru recently raised her baby at home and waited for the birth.

(Reposted from Wu Shanru IG)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] "Sandy" Wu Shanru asked for leave from "Little Star's Follower" a few days ago. She was pregnant for 8 months and waited for the delivery. She also reported to fans about the work arrangements before and after the delivery. (9) On the 9th, there was news of her injury, pus in her feet affected her walking, which made many fans worry about her.

Wu Shanru posted a black-and-white photo on PO last night, expressing that she had finally made an appointment for a manicure, but the manicurist cut her feet until they were bleeding. ) also forgot to apply the medicine for me..." Unexpectedly, when I woke up the next day, I was surprised to see pus on my feet, which even affected my daily walking.

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Wu Shanru revealed on the community that her feet were accidentally injured, which made people feel distressed.

(Reposted from Wu Shanru IG)

Wu Shanru can only hold her 8-month pregnant belly, bending over to apply medicine for herself. She also mentioned that what is even more unbearable is "the weather is cold and you have to wear socks", describing it as "frozen nails (inserted nails)" )", let her shout: "It hurts!" She also prayed "Sharp and swollen thumb, please recover miraculously." Hope the wound will recover as soon as possible.

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