The bride got angry after seeing the groom

New Delhi :

Marriage is a big decision.

Marriage is such a bond, which has to be fulfilled throughout life.

That's why it is said that the decision of marriage should be taken very carefully, because it is not a relationship of one birth but of seven births.

You must have seen many funny viral wedding videos till now, but in today's post, we have brought the most unique video for you.

In this video, on the day of marriage, a bride gets angry after seeing her future husband.

After this something happens, which you cannot even imagine. 

In the video you can see that a bride has become angry on seeing her future husband and is refusing to marry.

The bride has got angry because of the groom's age.

When the bride is asked what happened, she says, 'Kya nahi hua woh poocho'.

Then a boy's voice comes that what a good job the boy is.

To which the bride says, 'Will we lick after taking the job?

This old man has neither teeth in his mouth, nor will there be intestines in his stomach, tell me, will there be oil in his lamp.

What happiness will we get?

Will not get anything.

We will not marry her'. 

He thought that his nose would be cut off, but did not think that along with it the girl's life would also be cut off.

— Jaiky Yadav (@JaikyYadav16) December 9, 2022

On the matter of getting insulted, the bride says, 'If you marry an old man, your nose will be tied.

When Baba wanted to get married, why did he let his great grandfather die?

Would have married him only.

Get married with pomp but don't know that the whole life is still left.

If he dies after two to four years, will he keep searching for another husband?

After this the girl flatly refuses to marry. 

There have been many reactions of people on this video.

While some people are calling this video scripted and fake, some say that the girl did absolutely right.

One user wrote, 'The girl is right, after all, why is this much money necessary'.

So another wrote, 'The gimmick she is doing, she didn't know before that the boy is an old man.

good damn'. 

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