[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] Writer Ku Ling revealed at the beginning of this year that he had a large tumor of 14.5 cm long in his liver, and that he suffered from the three diseases of tumor, hepatitis B virus and depression. He once stopped updating Facebook and podcasts due to depression, and now he has fully returned. He recently published an article commenting on Lin Qingxia’s book, and at the same time hinted that a certain best-selling female author hired someone to write a ghostwriter, saving time to make a lot of money, sparking discussions among netizens. Few people thought it was Wu Danru, she took her seat right now and responded directly.

Kuling insinuated that Wu Danru was caught in a pond.

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Kuling recently published an article, "Although some girls are not writers, they work hard to write books by themselves, like Brigitte Lin; there are also some girls who are obviously best-selling female writers, but often ask someone to write for them, like...you know." Then she hinted that it is no wonder she still has time to make that much money.

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Netizens wildly guessed that it was Wu Danru. She posted a post on Facebook today. A friend reminded that Kuling was alluding to her. She knew why Kuling attacked her. Not happy. He even wrote a message to scold me, saying that I cut off his money."

Wu Danru also said: "I am so naive, I actually think that I am lightening his burden by clarifying for others. I really should admit my mistake in this matter. I thought I was upright and outspoken, but it ended up destroying other people's stalks. If his book is because of me But it didn't sell well, I sincerely apologize to the Times Publishing House and the author!"

Wu Danru said, "I won't get anything from attacking me. If there is something that needs my help, I am still willing to help. But I will not wishful thinking. I hope he cherishes all his happiness. He has a very good wife. I hope he Live happily. I have always respected my seniors as seniors."

Wu Danru revealed a screenshot of the conversation with Ku Ling.

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As for the ghostwriting, Wu Danru said: "I have been thinking for a long time who is my ghostwriting. Haha, do you think it is possible to ask someone to write any word about my grandmother in "Every Past Comes Back in Another Way"? You just Say that the daily update of "Life Practical Business School" is not my voice?" She said she thought about it for a long time, "Only about fifteen years ago, there was a book called "Smart Women Learn to Invest" with a female entrepreneur Lin Baozhu , the person who organized the interview was Liao Yijun (out of print). "Life Practical Business School" also invited Liao Yijun and Zhang Daoyi to help me organize my audio files. All of the above have names and surnames. You can ask them what they did. I have kept all the manuscripts. Also: Dr. Lin Fengpi once helped me to proofread two manuscripts and corrected many mistakes.”

Wu Danru said, "This audio file is all written by me, and I edited it at the end, adding many supplementary manuscripts that were not mentioned at the time, and corrected them into a book. My habit is to change 30,000 to 50,000 words even for the second proofreading manuscript. , it doesn’t matter which book it is.”

Wu Danru emphasized, "I'm not poor, and it's okay to be envied by others, but every penny is earned by myself, and I feel at ease. There is nothing wrong with being a writer as a businessman. I still prefer to be a businessman, because the literary world bites me. It is normal to bite and bite. But I have never published books by unscrupulous means to make money. I will not attack others because I am jealous of others' money. You don't need to insinuate to avoid legal responsibility. The following are the screenshots I released. Tell me the truth, thank you."

Wu Danru attached a screenshot of the conversation. Ku Ling expressed dissatisfaction with Wu Danru and said, "I have already told you that the publisher has clarified it, but you still came out to "break the stalk" without asking me, and you said it lightly, causing me to be scolded to death and lose money." Serious...with a friend like you, it is simply more terrifying than an enemy."

She apologized to the other party, "Using illness as a stalk, I really can't understand. I don't think I don't need it and I don't hype my popularity. I just hope that so many people won't harass me. Sorry, I misunderstood."

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