Yu Yawen pointed out that dizziness and heaviness in the body obviously belong to internal dampness.

Overeating, not exercising, staying up late and other living habits will lead to increased moisture; the picture shows the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Heavy moisture in the body may cause dizziness, gynecological problems and other troubles, so how to get rid of moisture?

In this regard, Yu Yawen, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, pointed out that moisture is divided into two types: external and endogenous. Taking endogenous as an example, overeating in diet, eating cold things, or developing habits such as not exercising and staying up late in life will cause moisture. Therefore, these factors should be ruled out as much as possible.

Yu Yawen posted on her Facebook fan page "Shangxi Chinese Medicine Physician Yu Yawen Chinese Medicine Physician" that there are two types of humidity, one is external humidity, for example, after it rains, the air has a high moisture content and is very humid, or the place where you live is low-lying. , no ventilation, heavy water vapor, etc., which belong to the humid climate environment.

Exogenous dampness usually causes joint pain, soreness, and heaviness in the lower limbs of the body.

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Yu Yawen mentioned that the other is endogenous, and moisture comes from the spleen.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the center of the body's water and dampness transportation and transformation. If the transportation and transformation function is low, water and dampness will be generated from the inside.

Endogenous manifestations include thickened tongue coating, chest tightness, bloated belly, stool stained on the toilet, excessive phlegm, excessive leucorrhea, dizziness, and a particularly obvious sense of heaviness in the body. Basically, 90% of these symptoms are due to heavy moisture.

Do not exercise, overeating increases body moisture

So how to get wet?

Yu Yawen explained that first of all, it is necessary to understand the reasons for "decreasing the function of the spleen", such as overeating, eating fast, eating cold things, or developing habits such as not exercising, staying up late, and excessive thinking in life, which are very harmful The transportation and transformation function of the spleen.

Therefore, if all these factors are removed, the spleen’s function of transportation and transformation will return, and the moisture in the body will be removed under normal functions.

Yu Yawen said that when you encounter a sub-health state caused by moisture, you should first think about where the moisture comes from. For example, if the environment is humid, turn on the dehumidifier at home instead of sitting on the floor.

Inner dampness is caused by problems in life and diet, and gradually accumulates. Therefore, in addition to the auxiliary treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, these factors must be eliminated in daily life. For example, the diet should be light, "fat, sweet, thick, greasy. ” tastes the most moisturising, such as very sweet drinks, beer.

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