The General State Traffic Police Department (BDYPI) warned drivers and other road users about the current weather conditions.

Police lieutenant colonel Mubariz Agayev, an employee of the Department of Relations with Public Institutions, told APA that rainy and foggy weather conditions are currently observed in the country.

He noted that this significantly increases the risk of accidents on the roads:

"Especially at night and in the morning, foggy and rainy weather limits visibility on roads, which creates serious difficulties for drivers.

Considering that there will be an increase in the number of people visiting the regions and the capital on the weekend, drivers traveling by private car, as well as carrying passengers, are advised to be more careful in adverse weather conditions, to keep the speed limit under control, to avoid going on the road with defective vehicles, safety during overtaking and maneuvering we recommend that you strictly follow the rules.

"At the same time, taking into account that rainy weather is especially dangerous for people driving mopeds and motorcycles, we ask the people who provide the ordered delivery service to use these types of vehicles as little as possible."