What things to plan?

What clothes and jewelry to wear for good luck in work and love?

What part of the body should you pay special attention to?

What number will be happy?

What can't be done categorically?

The horoscope of the day answers these questions.

The current lunar day has the following characteristics:

Astrological advice of the day:

when making important life and professional decisions, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of "pitfalls", which can seriously complicate the situation, especially since it will not be visible at first or second glance.

You can go on trips, move to a new place of residence and do household chores.

Symbol of the day:

grape bunch.

Element of the day


Lucky day:


Lucky color of the day:

yellow, orange, gold.

Lucky stones:

transparent amethyst, hematite, zircon.

What part of the body is responsible for:

endocrine glands, kidneys.

Diseases of the day:

there is a great possibility of catching an infectious disease, so it is necessary to avoid places of mass gathering of people or appear there in a medical mask.

Food of the day:

it is necessary to abandon harmful - fatty and fried - food and observe moderation in nutrition.

Day dreams:

night dreams are often prophetic - they are fulfilled on the third day.

Haircut of the day:

it is undesirable to get a haircut today.

Aphorism of the day:

"Happy people recover faster and live longer" (French surgeon Ambroise Pare).

Guardian angel of the day:

Dorkan is responsible for fertility, so he is the patron saint of pregnant women.

Magic and mysticism of the day:

you can create protective talismans and charms with your own hands.

Taboo of the day:

you can't be sad - higher powers can consider such a mood as ungratefulness and deny a person their help.

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