Apple is preparing to push a major iOS 16.2 update next week.

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Apple has released the beta version of iOS 16.2 RC, and it is expected to push the official version next week. In addition to fixing some bugs, it will also bring eight new features, such as Apple Music singing, iPhone 14 Pro series permanent display function improvements, and AirDrop. People are limited to 10 minutes to wait.

In addition, iPadOS 16.2 should be pushed simultaneously, and front-screen scheduling will be added to support external displays.

Eight new features of iOS 16.2:

●Apple Music

starts singing

Apple has added a new function of karaoke accompaniment to Apple Music "Apple Music Sing", users can sing along with their favorite songs through real-time lyrics and vocal adjustment functions

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●Boundless Notes

Freeform App

The Freeform App allows team members to collaborate online. Any participant can add and edit images, audio, PDF and other files at will. It is suitable for drawing pictures and writing notes with Apple Pencil.


advanced data protection

Apple expands iCloud advanced data protection, including photos, memos, etc., which can be encrypted and transmitted end-to-end to strengthen privacy protection.

Initially, it will be opened to the United States, and will be rolled out to the world in 2023.

●Sleep and medication gadgets are added to the screen lock screen

iOS 16.2 adds additional "Sleep" and "Medication" widgets to the "Lock Screen". Among them, the Sleep Widget can view recent sleep quality, schedule, and sleep stage data; the Medication Widget is classified in Health and can quickly view reminders and record medication.

The iPhone 14 Pro always shows a new feature that hides the wallpaper or notifications.

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The iPhone 14 Pro

series will always show improvements

Apple has optimized the always-on display function of the iPhone 14 Pro, adding two new options to the always-on display setting of iOS 16.2, allowing users to customize whether to display wallpaper or lock screen notification messages.

●TV App

real-time dynamic activity options

iOS 16.2 adds the "Real Time Feed" setting to the built-in TV, allowing users to decide whether to enable the "Real Time Feed" function, and can have more real-time game news through the "More Frequent Update" option. Apple reminds that this will cause iPhone Relative power consumption; In addition, the real-time score dynamics of the game is also added.





architecture and upgrade project

Apple has brought a new HomeKit home infrastructure upgrade for the Home App of iOS 16.2, which can improve execution performance and stability. It is necessary to upgrade the HomePod device to HomePod 16.2 before updating the home.


emergency feedback

The iPhone 14 has added a car accident detection function, but it has been reported that it is triggered when users ride a roller coaster in an amusement park. Therefore, iOS 16.2 has added a feedback function to help Apple improve and optimize SOS emergency calls.

●AirDrop is limited to



for everyone

As early as in the iOS 16.1.1 update, Apple restricted AirDrop to "up to 10 minutes for everyone" only for China, and it will be automatically changed to "Contacts only" when the time is up. iOS 16.2 will implement this measure globally.

●Game Center

simulcast sharing

iOS 16.2 is expected to add the Game Center simulcast sharing function, such as sharing iPhone or iPad screens while using FaceTime video calls, and also being able to watch dramas, watch movies, and listen to music with friends and family.

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