Xu Tingning (front from left), Kun Ling, Zhou Xingzhe, Gui Lunmei, Chen Bolin (back from left), 9m88, ØZI, and Yang Naiwen took a group photo at dinner, and netizens praised the dream group.

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Jay Chou's wife, Kun Ling, has maintained a very good appearance and figure even after becoming a triple mother. Recently, she shared a group photo, which caused heated discussions among netizens. The Golden Bell, Golden Horse, Golden Melody, and Golden Music Award winners, the male is handsome and the female is beautiful. Netizens praised this is a fantastic combination.

Kunling shared the group photo and said: "A warm dinner party." Among them were Golden Horse Award winners Gui Lunmei and Zhou Xingzhe, Golden Bell Award winners Tiffany Hsu and Chen Bolin, and Golden Melody Award winners Yang Naiwen and ØZI, plus 9m88, who won the Golden Music Award for Best Newcomer, is really a super-absorbing "golden" combination. No wonder netizens couldn't help but praise: "This lineup is too ridiculous!"

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Kunling (left) and 9m88 admire each other and become fans of each other.

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This dinner also made Kunling and 9m88 become fans of each other. 9m88 said: "I have a date with Ling! It's the first time I have a serious chat, and I became a fan." Kunling reposted her post and wrote: "me too! "The two expressed mutual appreciation.

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