Lou Zhongliang said that in fact, apart from puberty, most adult acne is cold acne, and the basic maintenance method is to keep your mouth shut and eat lightly; the picture shows the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] A woman suffered from pimples on her mouth and chin, which did not improve after using skin care products and taking heat-clearing and detoxifying medicines.

After consultation with traditional Chinese medicine, it was found that the patient had less than normal menstrual flow and pale color, delayed menstruation, sticky stools, shapeless toilet, and nocturia. Sincerely.

Fortunately, under the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine for 3 months, the acne situation has been relieved a lot.

Lou Zhongliang, the founding director of the Taiwan Association of Preventive and Health Care of Traditional Chinese Medicine, posted a post on the Facebook fan page "Dr. Lou Zhongliang Chinese Medicine" to share that there may be many women who, like this patient, began to develop acne before menstruation, and slowly faded after menstruation , Before the next menstruation comes, it starts to grow again, and the cycle repeats.

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Lou Zhongliang explained that Ms. A's acne always grows on her chin. The root cause is not getting angry, but "coldness in the lower burner, blockage in the middle burner, and stagnation of liver qi".

Her tongue is light and fat, and her stools are shapeless, indicating that the spleen and stomach in the middle burner are weak, unable to transport and transform water and grains, and the water and dampness stop inward, which will cause fat tongue and loose stools; and the spleen and stomach are the hub of the human body. If you are weak, you will experience delayed menstruation, less pale color, and nocturia and other symptoms of deficiency and cold in the lower energies.

Lou Zhongliang mentioned that the reason for acne before menstruation is that when menstruation comes, the yang energy is the most vigorous, and the kidney water cannot go to the supernatant to clear the heart fire of the upper burnt. In addition, the spleen and stomach are not good, and the chin corresponds to the part of the spleen and stomach. I get acne here; in addition, acne before menstruation is also a kind of premenstrual syndrome, just like headache and abdominal pain during menstruation, it is a manifestation of stagnation of liver qi.

Improve cold acne troubles

●Tea drink:

Brew 6 grams of dried roses and 6 grams of mint one week before menstruation, and drink until menstruation comes.

Traditional Chinese medicine + Zanthoxylum bungeanum foot bath:

usually use 30 grams of Poria, 9 grams of Pinellia, 6 grams of Citrus aurantium, 6 grams of tangerine peel, 6 grams of Zhuru, 6 grams of roasted licorice, and 1 handful of peppercorns. Soak all the materials for half an hour. Boil the medicinal materials in 1000cc of water for 20 minutes, then add warm water at about 40 degrees until the water just covers the feet, soak once in the morning and evening, 15-30 minutes each time, and add 3 slices of ginger for those with severe diarrhea.

Lou Zhongliang explained that this method is suitable for most people with acne on the chin, but each person's constitution is different. It is recommended not to soak the feet when menstruation comes. Pregnant women are best to use it under the guidance of a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Lou Zhongliang added that in fact, except for puberty, most adult acne is cold acne, so the method of clearing away heat will not be effective. The fundamental maintenance method is to keep your mouth shut and eat a light diet.

In addition, eating cold food in summer and eating fried and sweet food in winter will damage the spleen and stomach, leading to internal phlegm dampness. Phlegm dampness has to find a way out, and the skin is the largest excretory organ, so acne will appear.

Lou Zhongliang reminded that the above content is for experience sharing. Since each person’s situation and constitution are different, the recommendations in this article are general conditioning suggestions. If you have any uncomfortable symptoms or diseases, you still need to seek professional assistance as soon as possible.

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