Valentyna Wittrock

tells about what should be paid special attention to on this day


The transiting Moon

moves to the sign of


, and


to the sign of


, where it will stay until next January 4, 2023.

Both of these planets are considered by astrologers to be female, so they will influence everything that is one way or another related to the beautiful half of humanity - primarily feelings and relationships between people.

If we take into account that Mercury

has already settled

in the sign of


, which entered there on December 7 and will stay until February 12, we can safely assume that transformation awaits many personal - love and family - relationships.

It may seem to someone that the person next to them is not a match for them - their social status, education or financial situation is not the same.

Someone will simply grow cold towards his partner, feel alienated from him, and besides, he himself will not be able to explain why this is happening - the veil that has been misleading until now has just suddenly fallen.

Therefore, those who really care about a loved one need to be patient and not react to the whims of their other half at least until January 10 - by this time,




will finally lose their power over frivolous Venus.

As for new relationships, at this time they will be built with a long view and a certain amount of prudence: for people, feelings of love or sympathy will not be important, but mercantilism and the benefit that can be obtained by becoming his partner - both official and unofficial.

However, all of the above does not mean that there will be no place for pure and sincere feelings now.

Venus is a sentimental lady, so each specific case must be considered separately - what is more: love or calculation.

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