December 10 and 11, despite all the vicissitudes associated with these lunar days, are very good for the rest that we expect from the weekend.

In order for everything to turn out to be as favorable as possible, it is necessary to listen to the recommendations of the stars, which, as you know, do not give bad advice.

Saturday, December 10, a day on which long ago - since ancient times - it was customary to appoint holidays: it was believed that, since it is associated with the cult of the god of winemaking, Dionysus, to drink at this time is not a sin, but the rest of the fun, as they say it will be added.

These days, for obvious reasons, entertainment events are out of time, but you should not resort to despair - it is believed that the stars will be dissatisfied with such a mood, and therefore can seriously complicate the life of those who do not know how to be happy with what they have.

Calmness, pacification and belief that everything will be fine are the main feelings and sensations that should be felt at this time.

Sunday, December 11, is not the best day for communication - moreover, both on a real and virtual level, so it is desirable to shorten it as much as possible.

But who said it's bad?

It will be possible to talk sincerely with friends and relatives on any other day, and this time is better spent alone - as they say, in the company of a good person, that is, with yourself.

Leo (23.07 - 21.08)

Leos, who have recently suffered from a quarrel with a loved one, will finally manage to establish a relationship with her, moreover, most likely, she will be the first to meet, apologizing for her behavior and agreeing to concessions, which at one time became the cause of the breakdown.

As for the representatives of the sign themselves, they will have to do the same - their gesture of goodwill will not go unnoticed.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

Those Capricorns who have a cherished - or, as it is customary to say, a crystal - dream, may well be preparing for the fact that it will come true in an unexpected way.

No matter what sphere of life or activity their desire relates to, something will definitely happen that can only be called a miracle, so representatives of the sign should not dig into causes and consequences, but enjoy themselves.

Pisces (19.02 - 20.03)

Pisces - especially those whose profession is related to creativity - can count on the fact that the fruits of their labor will not only be noticed, but also duly noted by those on whom their further promotion in the market of works of art depends - critics, patrons or sponsors... The main task of the representatives of the sign is not to lose the person who will take care of them from now on.

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