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The year 2022 was not marked by diseases like the previous two, but it was quite saturated with some events that were completely historical.

Certainly one of them is the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, and the event was successfully predicted by a teenage psychic, who in Britain is already being compared to Baba Vanga, writes the channel Vbox7.

Hannah Carroll, 20, has a list of 28 predictions that she posted on January 7 this year.

And we must admit that a large part of them have already come true.

This includes the separation of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. Most of the predictions concern world celebrities such as the Kardashian clan, Harry Styles, Healy and Justin Bieber, etc., but we can't help but note that her list begins precisely with the death of the queen. 

Another prophecy of Vanga came true

So far, Hannah has also learned about Kanye West scandals, Rihanna's pregnancy, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's baby, and a gay Disney character.

It is particularly frightening that further down her list she has also placed contact with aliens. 

"I think all my predictions will turn out to be true. I may not have known that they would happen this year, but they will happen," the TikToker told the British Mirror.

@hannahcarroll101 12 predictions correct so far !!

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