"Requirements for the energy administrator (manager), as well as the Rule on their attestation, have been approved.

APA reports that Prime Minister Ali Asadov signed a decision on this.

In the explanation given by the Cabinet of Ministers to the decision, it is stated that the Rule approved by the decision is mandatory for economic entities with an annual energy consumption of more than 1,000 tons of oil equivalent and non-residential buildings with a construction area of ​​at least 10,000 square meters or an annual energy consumption of more than 250 tons of oil equivalent. and determines the requirements for the person responsible for the efficient use of energy - the energy administrator (manager), as well as the mechanism of their attestation.

In accordance with this Regulation, persons with higher education in energy and technical fields and at least 3 (three) years of work experience in the relevant specialty may be appointed as energy administrators (managers) after passing the attestation.

Attestation is carried out in the form of an interview, based on the Attestation program.

During the attestation, it is not allowed to ask the candidate questions outside the set of questions compiled on the basis of the Attestation program.

If the questions asked to the candidate during the attestation are not clear, the candidate has the right to clarify those questions.

After the attestation is completed, the members of the Commission discuss the interview without the candidate's presence.

A candidate who correctly answers at least 70 percent of the questions asked during the attestation is considered to have passed the attestation.

If the number of candidates meeting this requirement is two or more, the candidate with the highest result is preferred, and if the results are equal, the Commission determines by voting, taking into account the candidates' educational level, additional education, and work experience.

If the results of the candidates are equal, the decisions of the Commission are adopted by a simple majority of the members of the commission.

In case of equal votes, the vote of the commission chairman is decisive.

The chairman of the commission has the last vote.

The meetings of the commission are considered to have taken place when at least two-thirds of its members are present.

The decision of the commission is announced to the candidate within 3 (three) working days after the decision is made.

The Commission fills out an attestation form for each candidate in the form specified in the appendix to this Regulation.

The attestation sheet is a confirmation document required for the appointment of a candidate to the position of energy administrator (manager) and is kept in the personal file of the energy administrator (manager).

The results of the attestation (evaluation and recommendations, a summary of the questions and answers given to the person passing the attestation) are recorded in the attestation form drawn up in one copy and signed by the chairman of the attestation commission, members and the person passing the attestation, who participated in the vote.

If the candidate is not satisfied with the result of the attestation, he has the right to file an administrative or judicial appeal within 5 (five) working days from the date of submission of the decision.