The trial of Ali Abbasov, who was accused of murder in a gym in Baku, has ended.

APA informs that the state prosecutor spoke at the Baku Court of Serious Crimes in the proceedings chaired by judge Azer Pashayev.

The prosecutor requested that Ali Abbasov be found guilty of the given charges and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The next trial is scheduled for December 18.

It should be noted that the incident was recorded on March 1 last year in Khatai district of the capital.

During the investigation, it was established that on the mentioned date, Ali Abbasov, a resident of the city, was exercising in a gym located on N.Tusi Street, Khatai District, Baku, and Bakhtiyar Nasibov, born in 1999, who was exercising in the same gym, during an argument that arose between them due to looking at each other. after inflicting bodily injuries related to minor damage to health, which caused a short-term deterioration of his health, he deliberately killed Bakhtiyar Nasibov with the knife he was carrying on him, injuring him in the left side of the chest with the intention of revenge.

Ali Abbasov was previously charged with Article 120.1 (intentional murder) of the Criminal Code.

The public prosecutor asked him to be punished in accordance with the sanction requirement of this article.

After that, based on the request of the injured party, the case was returned to the prosecutor because there was a suspicion of a more serious crime in his act.

Ali Abbasova after the re-investigation

He was charged under articles 120.2.2 (murder with hooliganism) and 120.2.4 (murder with special cruelty or general dangerous method) of the Criminal Code.