In the film, the first three episodes of which appeared yesterday, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan decided to tell their story of love and life in the British royal family.

Princess Kate and Duchess Meghan / Photo: Associated Press

Meghan spoke in detail about meeting Kate Middleton and Prince William.

It was strange to her that the royal couple observed all the formalities not only in public, but also behind closed doors.

"When Prince William and Kate came and I met her for the first time, they came to dinner. I remember I was in ripped jeans and barefoot. And I hugged her during the greeting," Meghan recalls.

"And I very quickly began to understand that the formalities on the outside are also carried out inside the family," said the duchess about the numerous rules of etiquette followed by the royal family.

Megan admitted that she sincerely thought that all these formalities and protocol were for the public, and when the family members are not seen by the cameras, they are ordinary people and behave accordingly.

"This formality goes both ways. And it was strange for me," the Duchess of Sussex admitted.

Princess Kate and Duchess Meghan / Photo: Associated Press

It's no secret that the relationship between Kate and Meghan did not go well.

But, apparently, the duchess will talk about it in more detail in the next episodes of the series.

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