It is necessary to wear microscope glasses when suturing the eyeball.

(Provided by Chi Mei Hospital)

[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] Formwork master Ah Pei was sprayed with fragments of iron nails, and a piece of iron about 1.5 centimeters shot into his eyeball. He felt that his eyes might be blind at the moment, but after being transferred to Chimei Hospital, Chimei Medicine Guo Shuchun, head of the ophthalmology department of the center, found that the visual acuity of Ah Pei's right eye was only 0.1. He sutured his cornea with a microscope and sucked out the iron sheet with a magnetic tool. After removing the traumatic cataract and placing the artificial lens and vitreous body, he was discharged from the hospital one week after the operation After six months of regular follow-up, the visual acuity of the right eye has improved to 0.8.

Guo Shuchun said that "sutures" can also be used for eyeball injuries. The doctor will wear a microscope and suture the injured eyeball. For the white part of the eyeball, self-absorbable thread can be used. For the black eyeball, which is the cornea, it must The stitches need to be removed, but once the optic nerve is damaged, it may be tantamount to "sentenced to death". According to the statistics of Chimei Hospital, most of the patients with eyeball injuries are caused by occupational trauma like Apoi, so the public is advised to take protective measures.

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According to the statistics of Chi Mei Medical Center in 2021, a total of 189 cases of occupational eye injury were reported, of which about 80% were caused by work injuries in the workplace, and about 20% were caused by traffic injuries on the way to and from get off work. Males accounted for 80%. The working group is the most, 8% of them need eye surgery, and 6.3% have not recovered their vision.

Injuries can be roughly divided into external force impact, foreign body invasion, chemical splash, strong light exposure, and electric burn.

The statistics also found that most of the cases did not wear protective masks or goggles when they were injured. If the protective equipment can be used properly, most of the occupational eye injuries should be avoided.

The doctor sutures the eyeball with wire.

(Provided by Chi Mei Hospital)

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