ChatGPT has been making waves recently.

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Recently, ChatGPT’s AI chatbot has become popular on the Internet. It was opened for trial at the end of November, and it has attracted millions of users in less than a week, making it popular all over the world. Many people want to ask, what exactly is ChatGPT?

Why is it so popular?

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI, which specializes in artificial intelligence. OpenAI was established in 2015. Musk was one of the founders, but he withdrew later because he disagreed with the team's philosophy.

Even so, after the launch of ChatGPT, Musk still praised it on Twitter.

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ChatGPT is a large-scale language model based on GPT3.5 technology. Through the study of a large amount of text, it is trained to simulate human dialogue, and can achieve smooth instant question and answer.

The main reason why it can attract high attention in a short period of time is that it supports various languages. If you ask in Chinese, it will answer in Chinese.

Compared with other chatbots, ChatGPT is also more humane, with the ability to take on the context, such as asking to "tell a joke", after asking and answering each other, and then input "one more", ChatGPT can judge that the user said "one more joke".

ChatGPT is currently free, as long as you register on the website, you can try it. In addition to Q&A, some netizens use it to write papers, assist in code debugging, and create songs. It is considered a milestone in artificial intelligence.

The free 3C technology channel conducts actual measurements.

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The Liberty 3C Technology Channel has actually conducted a test and believes that ChatGPT does have a high accuracy in question and answer, but it is not yet 100%. For example, if you ask Liberty Times, ChatGPT will answer that it is a professional newspaper in Taiwan.

However, if you ask about iPhone 14, the World Cup, etc., ChatGPT cannot respond because its database is only updated until 2021. If it is a news event in 2022, there will be no answer.

In addition, ChatGPT’s information comes from text data, so it is impossible to answer “what day is it today” and “what’s the weather like today”; in any case, ChatGPT is still quite powerful. If you are interested, you may wish to go online to experience it yourself.

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