Netflix's Japanese drama "First Love" has become an Asian topic drama since its launch at the end of November. Yesterday (8th) Netflix officially released a special film made by actors to thank fans. The heroine Mitsushima is wearing a pink lace dress The dancing scene was praised as super cute, completely different from the pure appearance in the play.

"First Love" set off a wave of "memory killing" dramas in Taiwan. It runs through the divine comedy "First Love" released by Hikaru Utada in 1999. The plot is presented in a cross-generational way. The hero and heroine reunite after 20 years. , from costumes, scenes to contemporary popular elements are not sloppy, the crew's intentions and the actors' professional acting skills make "First Love" a top drama, and Netflix, the streaming platform that broadcasts "First Love", therefore specially invites actors Shooting a thank you and "canvassing" video again, the actors are super cute dancing in fashionable costumes.

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Sato Takeru and Mitsushima Hikari are so popular because of "First Love".

The pure love of the male and female protagonists in their youth caused many fans of the drama to recall their memories.

At the beginning of the film, the heroine Hikari Mitsushima can be seen dancing cute dance steps to the camera, sometimes circling, sometimes winking, blowing kisses, etc., wearing a pink lace dress, green Gucci high heels, and a pretty bun. , which is completely different from the pure style in the play.

Then the male protagonist Takeru Sato sprang out from the bottom of the screen, happily compared YA to the camera, wearing a dark suit and formal attire, and his handsome index was soaring, which made many fans' eyes burst into love.

Netflix released the "First Love" cast thanking fans for the video. Hikari Mitsushima danced in a super cute pink dress and was praised as super cute.

The appearance of Takeru Sato in the screen than YA turned the eyes of many drama fans into hearts.

The next shot is a young actor, dancing the welcome dance of the heroine "Yeying" and her high school friends. Standing in the front is Yagi Rikako, who plays the young heroine, in a blue printed dress. Behind her is Daisho Kido, who plays the young male lead. Fans call him super cute in a formal suit.

After the film went live, fans of the show also left messages saying: "It's time to watch it again", "Give me more Takeru Sato", "Hikari Manshima is too cute".

Young actors Rikako Yagi, Daisho Kido and others also danced to thank the fans. The dance was a welcome dance with good friends from "Yeying" High School.

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