Jinni terminated the contract and quit NMIXX.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] South Korea's JYP Entertainment launched the girl group NMIXX in February this year. Member Jinni was highly anticipated for her beautiful appearance and super dancing skills before her debut, and she is also a popular member after her debut.

Unexpectedly, JYP announced Jinni's departure early this morning (9th), which surprised fans.

The 7 members of NMIXX also attended the MAMA Awards Ceremony last month and won the "Most Popular Newcomer Award".

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JYP Entertainment issued a statement today stating that Jinni, who has been active as a member of NMIXX for a long time, quit the group due to personal reasons and terminated the exclusive contract. "In the future, the related schedule of NMIXX will continue to be active with a 6-member system. I hope everyone will encourage us to decide to take a new path." Jinni, I also ask NSWER (fan name) to give warm support to the 6 NMIXX members who are moving towards their dreams, and once again apologize to the fans.”

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Announcement of Jinni leaving the group.

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Fans were quite shocked by Jinni’s withdrawal, because she had been a trainee in JYP for nearly 7 years, and she finally made her debut. Two days ago, she was still chatting with fans on Bubble (idol chat software), saying that she was very happy to succeed as an idol After her debut, the news of her contract termination has now spread, making fans curious about the reasons behind it and her plans.

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