Man shares photo without helmet while standing at traffic signal

It is not uncommon for people to forget their helmets in a hurry while leaving for work.

Because often this happens with people.

But, not everyone who forgets a helmet attracts the attention of the police and then becomes the reason for an interesting conversation on Twitter.

It all started when Twitter user Melvin Cherian shared a photo of himself standing at a traffic signal.

In the picture captured in the CCTV cameras installed at every intersection, he is seen sitting on the bike without a helmet.

Sure 😀.

PS: A black helmet will go very well with that nice black jacket though.


— Pune City Police (@PuneCityPolice) December 7, 2022

He wrote, "Thank you @PuneCityPolice.

i look good

Will pay the challan though."

Pune Police took note of the post and wrote, "Sure.

PS: Although a black helmet would look great with that nice black jacket.


@PuneCityPolice challan paid, and I promise to buy a nice black helmet as you suggested.


Media houses have made me famous though.

I got some 5-6 clients since yesterday as the media was gracious enough to address me as a Fitness Entrepreneur.

— Melvin Cherian (@CherianMelvin) December 8, 2022

Cherian replied to the tweet with "yes sir".

Later, he shared the screenshot of his challan payment on Twitter.

He also promised to buy a good helmet.

While many wrote how the conversation was polite, others wrote how the police should impose higher fines for riding without helmets for the safety of the public.

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