It has not yet been proven that her colleague Julian Vergov was behind the beating of Diana Dimitrova.

So far, at least, he has not directly commented on the situation.

On Monday, the actor is to be questioned by the prosecutor's office - something that allegedly did not bother him at all, and he even threatened to tell the investigators that he was not sorry.

In addition to Vergov, as the perpetrator of the act, Yevtim Miloshev, who is the producer of the series, may also be held criminally responsible, since according to Diana Dimitrova, it was he who manipulated her not to file a complaint against her colleague.

Diana Dimitrova: I'll see you in front of Themis

According to the circulating story, 5 years ago Vergov tried to break up with Diana Dimitrova to try to save his marriage, but the actress did not play fair with his family and tried to befriend his 15-year-old daughter, turning her against her mother y, writes "Weekend".

Vergov became furious and the moment he saw Diana Dimitrova on the set of "Stolen Life", he immediately released his anger and knocked her out.

For now, Vergov does not speak on the subject, and Diana Dimitrova is more than eloquent in her posts.

Diana Dimitrova

Julian Vergov