Tainan City Mayor Huang Weizhe (6th from left) together with the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the production team released "Mosha Island Adventure.

The Secret of Nandu" human rights education online game.

(Provided by Nanshi Cultural Bureau)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] Selected on the eve of December 10th "International Human Rights Day", Nanshi published "The Adventure of Mosha Island.

The "Secrets of Nandu" online game is based on the "Wu Shengda Rebellion Case" that took place in Taiwan's post-war white terror period, echoing the international emphasis on universal human rights and the spirit of transitional justice.

Tainan City Mayor Huang Weizhe hosted "Mosha Island Adventure.

Nandu's Secret" online game press conference, calling for joint protection of democracy and freedom.

(Provided by Nanshi Cultural Bureau)

Mayor Huang Weizhe said that everyone thinks that freedom, human rights, and democracy are innate like air and water, but if you look at the blockades in Ukraine and China, you can see that this is not the case, even though China is not free and democratic in the first place. However, the high-handed control imposed by the Chinese government in the name of epidemic prevention is unacceptable even to citizens who have long been accustomed to being in an authoritarian country. It is obvious that freedom, democracy, and human rights are not easy to come by. I hope that while enjoying rights, everyone can also Be able to shoulder the responsibility and obligation of guardianship, and don't let the important process of our ancestors fighting for freedom and democracy be drowned in the torrent of time.

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Huang Weizhe said that many young people today are addicted to mobile games, no matter how the external environment changes, but through "Mosha Island Adventure.

The Secret of Southern Metropolis is not only for playing games, but also for understanding historical issues. I hope that everyone will experience the game more often, and also learn about the historical events that happened in Tainan in the past, and understand the value of human rights.

Ye Zeshan, director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, said that although human rights issues are important, they give people a heavy feeling. He hopes that through the game packaging that can be easily used by people regardless of age, the threshold of contact will be lowered, so that players can experience the social atmosphere of Taiwan's post-war white terror period and attract more people. Many people understand the core nature of the incident, and then understand the value of today's freedom and democracy.

Nanshi Cultural Bureau developed "Mosha Island Adventure.

Nandu's Secret" online game, hoping that the promotion of human rights education will be more approachable.

(Provided by Nanshi Cultural Bureau)

Nanshi Cultural Bureau developed "Mosha Island Adventure.

The "Secret of Nandu" online game human rights education was officially launched today.

(Provided by Nanshi Cultural Bureau)

"Mossa Island Adventure".

The Secret of Nandu" is one of the human rights promotion projects subsidized by the National Human Rights Museum. It was sponsored by the National Human Rights Museum and developed by the Nanshi Cultural Bureau.

The protagonist of the story, Wu Shengda (1925-1956), was born in Hunan, China. After the war, he served as a teaching assistant at Tainan Institute of Technology. He organized a reading club at the school and loved drama and music research. He was very popular among students. He was imprisoned and sentenced for being involved in left-wing secret operations , and later involved in the Green Island rebellion case, and was sentenced to death by Luo Zhi.

Nanshi released "Mosha Island Adventure.

"Secrets of Southern Metropolis" allows more people to understand the history of human rights through online games.

(Provided by Nanshi Cultural Bureau)

The game production team cooperates with the "Twenty Standing Work Team" composed of students from the History Department of Chengda University to jointly plan the game plot. Players play the role of "Xiaofu" who has encountered a shipwreck and drifted to a strange island. Informants, assisting in the investigation of two key figures on the island. Players can move freely on the island, collect "evidence" and "testimonies" clues, and finally hand over the evidence to the police for review. According to the player's choice, it will affect the direction of the story. There are as many as 6 There are various endings for players to explore. Through the game, they can experience the state of human rights being monitored at that time, and then understand the preciousness of freedom and democracy.

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