Aaron Yan and Yingjie Wu attended the opening of PEDRO's first store in Taiwan.

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

CHARLES & KEITH (small CK), a Singaporean accessories brand, has been on stage for five years and has been widely loved by consumers. Another high-end brand PEDRO under the same group opened its first store in Taiwan. Aaron Yan and Yingjie Wu were invited to perform the season for the opening yesterday (9) With the new design, you can pick up Christmas gifts on the spot to show off your friendship.

PEDRO's first store in Taiwan is located in Taipei 101.

PEDRO invited Aaron Yan and Yingjie Wu to attend the opening event yesterday. In addition to the seasonal mini bags, retro Oxford shoes and loafers, the two people who often go shopping together can't wait to go shopping first. Pick up Christmas gifts for each other.

Wu Yingjie chose a pair of beige loafers, saying that the simple color is good-looking and practical; Yan Yalun is looking at the four-in-one mini bag set specially made for Christmas, which made Wu Yingjie, who loves small waste bags, happy on the spot , A complete gift to the heart.

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Jean leather shoulder bag, 3,890 yuan.

PRDRO was established in 2005 and has 110 physical stores around the world.

The first store in Taiwan was opened in Taipei 101 Department Store. The store uses a light sand gray theme space with a circular arc streamline shape to create a simple and bright feeling like an art gallery. The store covers a series of accessories for men and women, with an average price of less than 5,000 yuan. Online shopping experience is also available.

Four-in-one mini bag gift box, 6,900 yuan.

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