When it comes to decorating your home for the winter holidays, you always want something beautiful and original, just like the pictures on Pinterest.

But not everything beautiful is necessarily expensive or difficult, so we suggest leaving your comfort zone, turning on the creative mode and creating a decor with your own hands.

Children will especially like this activity, so be sure to ask them to help you create decorations.

Moreover, in today's realities, such a decor is almost an irreplaceable thing.

1. A garland in a bottle

For such a solution, you will need several battery-operated garlands, colored glass bottles and beautiful twigs.

Place garlands in bottles and turn on, insert branches into them.

Such a composition will look especially beautiful in the evening on the window.

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2. Candlesticks from cans

For such a decoration, you will need ordinary canning jars.

Wash them, remove the label and dry them.

You can tie any ribbon on their edge, stick cones or a small branch of a Christmas tree, and insert a candle inside.

You can also use floating candles.

So you will get a beautiful candle holder, decorated with your own hands.

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3. Cinnamon for a candle

Another option for decorating a candle is cinnamon.

This aromatic spice will fill the house with a pleasant smell, and in combination with a candle will also please the eye.

Just wrap a cinnamon stick around a large candle and tie it with a string.

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