"The price of smartphones in Azerbaijan is very expensive compared to Europe and Dubai."

APA reports that MP Nagif Hamzayev said at the meeting of Milli Majlis held today.

The deputy said that if the price of these phones abroad was 900-1000 dollars, in Azerbaijan the price starts from 1500 dollars: "Let the price rise by 50-100, 200 dollars.

Because it is suddenly so expensive, fraudsters resort to ways such as changing the IMEI code.

150 manats are added for the registration of IMEI codes on the phones brought to the country.

Let's reduce this 150 manat fee so that people are not burdened.

Relevant institutions should be sensitive to this issue."

Nagif Hamzayev also spoke about the situation he faced at the Istanbul Airport: "One of the things that worries me the most is that when we were flying to Baku and Ganja at the Istanbul airport, our citizens approached one by one and said, 'Please pass this phone.'

Man himself is ashamed.

So, we forced these people to create such a situation.

It is necessary to lower the prices and control them.

Let the price increase by 200 dollars when the phone is brought to the country, they will earn 200 dollars.

Why do they suddenly want to get rich by earning 500 dollars?

Let them think about people too."