Liao Keyi emphasized that "there is absolutely no issue of infidelity after marriage."

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[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Numerologist Zhou Yingjun analyzed Liao Keyi's face in "News Digging Wow". She said that Liao Keyi's eye tails are upturned. This is peach blossom eye, which is the same for both men and women. Lying silkworm, which is also a symbol of peach blossom, emphasizes that the upturned eyes are really super mother soup.

Numerologist Zhou Yingjun looked at Liao Keyi's face.

(Flipping the news to dig out wow)

Zheng Hongyi asked Zhou Yingjun, will Liao Keyi have sex-related developments after that?

She asserted that "there will definitely be ones in the future!" People with lying silkworms have accumulated virtue in their ancestors and will be very popular with the public.

In addition, if a very young person has crow's feet, "it means that he has experienced many battles in that area."

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