Xinyi Xiangti Plaza, which has the most Christmas atmosphere in Taipei, today (9) the male god came. Kun Da wore a handsome peacock blue suit and Pandora accessories to attend the opening event of the brand’s Christmas cottage. He asked if he would give his wife a gift for Christmas?

Kun Da actually said: "Now that I have told it, I must give it away!" The response was super humorous.

Kun Da, who often appears in front of the screen in the outdoor scene, today wore a handsome and casual suit with a knitted turtleneck top to attend the opening of Pandora’s Christmas House at Xinyi Xiangti Square in Taipei. She wore a full body of Pandora, Bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings are layered to increase the sense of layering, changing the image of Pandora that seems to be more suitable for women in the past.

Christmas is approaching. When talking about gift giving, Kunda shared his personal experience. He said that it must be sent to the heart of the other party. He has given "Ray" gifts in the past. In order to avoid the embarrassment from happening again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving Pandora accessories. Girls can choose a charm that suits the style, while boys can choose unisex ones.

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Asked about Christmas is approaching, will you give your wife a present?

Kun Da smiled and said, "Now that I have told it, I must give it away! It's all done like this." Then he said that he would definitely give it away, but he didn't have any surprises when he told it in front of the camera. He even talked about not only Christmas. Will give gifts to his wife, and even treat gift giving as a daily routine, which can keep the relationship between the two of them fresh.

Kun Da secretly revealed that Ke Jiayan's favorite accessories tend to be in a simple style. The bracelet he is wearing today is very suitable, and can be used as a pair of couples or couples.

Kun Da appeared handsomely at the Pandora Christmas House in Xinyi Xiangti Square, Taipei.

Pandora, a jewelry brand from Denmark, in order to let Taiwanese brand lovers feel the Christmas atmosphere from the Nordics, chose to open a cozy Christmas hut in Xinyi Xiangti Square, displaying cute retro cars on site, recreating the Nordic Christmas festival It is a tradition to drive the Christmas tree by itself. The ceiling in the hut is decorated with moonlight and starry sky. At the same time, Pandora’s latest new series titled MORE THAN A GIFT is displayed. The meteor and Christmas elements are used as the main axis of design. The hut is full of Gift boxes, nutcracker dolls, and telescopes that symbolize looking at the galaxy, etc., with a strong snow country atmosphere, will definitely become the most popular photo spot in Taipei from now until January 2, 2023.

Pandora Moments crescent star charm (14K rose gold plating), 3,280 yuan.

Pandora Moments star-shaped T-shaped buckle snake-shaped bracelet, 3,680 yuan.

Pandora Moments pavé jewel star-shaped short necklace, 3,280 yuan.

Pandora Moments Irregular Night Sky Starlight Pin Earrings, 2,880 yuan.

Pandora Moments brilliant meteor ring, 1,580 yuan.

Pandora Christmas House is very Christmas atmosphere.

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