King Potter.

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[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] YouTuber Porter Wang, who has millions of subscribers, recently accused his former club of breach of contract and arrears, communication was invalid, and the contract was finally terminated.

Sun Derong supported Porter King 4 months ago on the YT channel "Sun Swell is Coming", but yesterday (8) days he made a big turn, pointing out that Porter King has a problem with integrity, because he cannot allocate funds without issuing invoices.

King Potter choked back today: "You can continue to perform, the show will be fuller, and then the reversal will be good." Sneaking at Sun Derong, "Those who are used by others and think they are righteous, please remember what you said now, and come back in the future Look at how naive I am.” He expressed that he should not think that no one will remember the direction of the wind, “At least I will remember! I will also record all of this! I will definitely make a film and get the verdict to explain everything.”

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Porter King pointed out that he will have a trial next week, but his former club "Uncle Mars" is looking for thugs to hold a press conference at this time. You can think about why?

He said that the evidence has been prepared long ago, "I have seen through your routines long ago! If you want to destroy my personality, you wait and see who will explode in the end."

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