Jolin Tsai won the gold medal in the cake competition many years ago (pictured on the left), and also challenged the coffee latte art in private.

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[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] "Jolin" Jolin Tsai is counting down and still has to catch up with the schedule to prepare a new album. In recent years, she has become obsessed with knitting and knitting, which is the best way for her to release stress. In fact, she is very interested in learning. Wide range, fondant cake, watercolor painting, coffee latte art, ukulele are all easy to use, quite talented.

Jolin Tsai has recently become obsessed with knitting, which is a good way for her to relieve stress.

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Jolin, who loves desserts, has studied fondant cakes for many years and has already set up a studio. She once won the Decorative exhibit group in the International Fondant Cake Competition held in Birmingham, England, with a cake in the shape of "Marilyn Monroe". Gold medals, even international superstars such as Tom Cruise and Amuro Namie, have received Jolin's fondant works and seen her good craftsmanship.

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Jolin Tsai's fondant cake works.

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Jolin came into contact with ukulele as early as 10 years ago. At that time, she thought that ukulele was very cute, so she signed up with the teacher. Although she has never performed in public, she will still post music clips in the community when she is interested. Taking online music production courses and English classes at home, there is almost no time for leisure.

Jolin Tsai once shared a video of playing the ukulele in the community.

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Jolin often shares her daily life through the community, including watercolor painting, coffee latte art, knitting wool, etc. are her leisure interests. Clothes and other works are most often benefited by relatives and friends around me, and they often receive surprise gifts from the queen.

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