According to the head of the police of the Kyiv region Andrii Nebitov, 6,500 houses were damaged or destroyed in this region alone as a result of the Russian occupation.

All their owners have the right to compensation from the state, but its mechanisms have not yet been prescribed.

First of all, it is necessary to carry out an expert assessment of destruction or damage, and this is an expensive procedure that is not available to all Ukrainians.

That is why the Media Defense volunteer project helps the owners of damaged housing in the Kyiv region to issue documents that will later become the basis for receiving monetary compensation.

Such a package of documents was prepared by lawyers in the case of a teacher from Gostomel Lyudmila Sakhnenko.

Her house burned down at the beginning of the war.

The family miraculously survived: at the exact time when a shell hit their house, everyone went to the evacuation corridor.

The little granddaughter insisted on this and, fortunately, the adults listened to her.

"We stood in the corridor for six hours, but it was never given to us. And we return home and see that our house is on fire. That's how the child took us all out of this house," Lyudmila Sakhnenko said.

The woman admits that this story helps her to survive the pain of losing her home, to be happy that she herself remained alive, and to hope that one day her home will be restored.

Thanks to the efforts of volunteers, she is legally protected and will have the right to claim full compensation in the future.

There are tens of thousands of such cases across the country, and not all victims can be helped by volunteers.

As for the state, which has to solve such issues, now in our country there is not even a detailed algorithm of actions regarding the reconstruction of settlements destroyed by the war and compensation for damages at the state's expense.

There is only a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which allows certain specialists to fix damages, but does not allow to calculate the cost of reconstruction.

"There is neither a methodology for taking into account the damages, nor an opportunity for experts to determine their size, nor an opportunity to record them correctly. The state has not done anything to regulate the procedure for assessing the homes of Ukrainian citizens damaged by fireflies," commented the founder of the "Media Defense" project, People's Deputy Oleksandr Dubinsky.

Photo by Galyna Grubliak

"With this assessment, Ukrainians will be able to demand appropriate monetary compensation from the state. As it happens, for example, in the case of a road accident. The insurance commissioner comes, he looks at what was damaged, records it, and then it is the basis for payments from the insurance company. The same is true here - if there is a fixation of damages, then it works. But now independent experts have not been allowed to take part in the preparation of these examinations. Officially, the state has identified a number of specialists who have the right to conduct an expert assessment of destroyed housing. Judicial experts are not included in this category of specialists, however their license gives them the right to conduct an expert evaluation of the destruction," explains Dubinsky.

The authors of the draft law insist that the existing rules be reviewed as soon as possible, so that people are not left not only without houses, but also without the right to compensation for housing.

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