[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Hong Kong singer Huang Yaoming visited Taiwan a while ago. He took the bus and went to the theater to experience the most simple local travel. The lyricist Pan Yuanliang got together and ate Hong Kong-style drinking tea full of "hometown flavor". He said with a smile: "Taiwan's drinking tea tastes quite authentic, not inferior to Hong Kong at all!"

Huang Yaoming (left) came to Taiwan to have dinner with Pan Yuanliang (middle), Lin Xi (right) and other friends.

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Huang Yaoming is the lead singer of the Hong Kong group "Da Ming Yi Pai". He has also developed as an individual, with a variety of genres and concerns about social issues. Trains, high-speed rail, Kaohsiung light rail, Cijin ferry and other public transportation, and even take a passenger to Kenting alone.

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Huang Yaoming visited Kenting and took a happy selfie.

(Provided by People Mountain People Sea)

Huang Yaoming, who has not performed in Taiwan for a long time, will hold concerts in Taipei and Kaohsiung next month. Next year, he will hold concerts in Taipei Legacy on January 1 and 2, and move to Liveware House in Kaohsiung on January 7. Friends such as Huang Weiwen and Zhou Yaohui all reposted and supported it.

Huang Yaoming stayed in Taiwan for more than two months and traveled all over the place.

(Provided by People Mountain People Sea)

Huang Yaoming named the concert "Walking and Singing", encouraging everyone to sing happily even though they are wandering and the world is changing.

Cantonese songs are indispensable for this concert, and he will also prepare a special Taiwanese song. He thinks Taiwanese songs have a very unique flavor and the melody is very beautiful.

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