The doctor pointed out that if there are symptoms such as hair loss, high stress, weakened immunity and easy to catch a cold, it may be a warning signal caused by zinc deficiency in the body; the picture shows the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Advertisements of health care products often emphasize that "boys should supplement zinc and girls should supplement iron". In this regard, Fu Yuxiang, director of Wugu Xiangzhan Clinic in New Taipei City, reminded that not only men need zinc supplements, but women also need zinc supplements. Zinc may cause symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, drowsiness, colds, oral ulcers, etc., so he listed common zinc supplement foods, such as oysters, pig's feet, red worms, etc.

Fu Yuxiang posted on his Facebook fan page "Your Chef Physician Fu Yuxiang Senior Medicine Internal Medicine New Taipei Wugu Chengtai Changzhao Health Care Anti-Aging Chronic Disease Professional" that zinc is an important trace element for both boys and girls, according to the recommendations of the National Health Department In terms of daily dietary nutrient intake, men need 15 mg of zinc per day and women need 12 mg of zinc per day.

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If the body is deficient in zinc, there may be low libido, fatigue and sleepiness, hair loss, high stress, poor cognitive function of the brain, decreased immunity, easy to catch colds, poor intestinal function, muscle loss, skin desquamation and rash, and wound healing. Chronic, oral ulcers, affecting male sexual function.

Fu Yuxiang shared that the above food is the zinc content per 100 grams. It is recommended to supplement zinc through these foods:

●Oyster: 15.48 mg.

●Pig trotter: 11.03 mg.

● Red worm: 10.3 mg.

●Pumpkin seeds: 9.3 mg.

● Fungus: 9.1 mg.

●White sesame: 7.2 mg.

●Boneless beef short ribs: 6.62 mg.

●Clams: 5.37 mg.

● sirloin steak: 4.37 mg.

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