Dai Dingen pointed out that dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, among which, there are 5.4 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams of red guava.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Constipation is actually very harmful to the body!

Tai Ding-en, a urologist at Taipei Medical University Hospital, pointed out that if constipation occurs frequently and the stool accumulates too much, it may easily cause dysuria, frequent urination, and inflammation of the urinary tract.

If you want to solve constipation, you can improve it by eating fruits, which are rich in dietary fiber and can promote intestinal peristalsis.

He also made a list of common fruits that relieve constipation.

Dai Dingen posted on the Facebook page "Hot-blooded and warm man Dai Dingen Urology Clinic|Taipei Xinyi North Medical Hernia Calculus Prostate Specialty" posted that if constipation occurs frequently, it will actually affect the health of the urinary tract.

Excessive poop accumulation can easily cause dysuria and frequent urination, which in turn can cause urinary tract inflammation.

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Dai Dingen mentioned that the dietary fiber of fruit is the body's scavenger, which can help promote intestinal peristalsis, increase satiety, and increase stool volume.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare recommends that the recommended intake of dietary fiber for adults is about 20-38 grams per day.

The dietary fiber content per 100 grams of fruit is as follows:

●Red heart guava: 5.4 grams.

●Passion fruit: 5.3 grams.

●Durian: 3.8 grams.

●Kiwi fruit: 3 grams.

●Carambola: 2.8 grams.

●Green apple: 2.8 grams.

●Shakya: 2.7 grams.

●Banana: 2.6 grams.

●Apple: 2.4 grams.

●Orange: 2.4 grams.

●Pitaya: 1.7 grams.

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