Huang Yuheng said that the safety of dental X-rays is very high, because the range is limited, the dose can be controlled to a degree smaller than that of daily life radiation, and the lead clothing can further protect patients, so there is no need to worry; Situational photos .

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Everyone has had the experience of taking X-rays during dental checkups, and some people are worried, will taking X-rays affect their health?

The doctor said that dental X-rays are very safe and there is no need to worry.

In addition, taking X-rays also has the advantages of confirming the state of each tooth, the range of missing teeth, the condition of the oral cavity, and the calcification of the root of the tooth.

Dentist Huang Yuheng posted on his Facebook fan page "Mu Guang Aesthetic Dental Clinic" that some patients asked during dental checkups: "Can I take some X-rays?" In fact, many patients suffer from malformed teeth and missing teeth. In some cases, it is very necessary to take X-rays at this time.

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He also listed 3 things that can be interpreted from an X-ray:

●Status of each tooth: such as dental caries, whether the resin filled part is maintained in good condition, and the health of the pulp.

● Detailed oral conditions of the range of edentulousness: including the degree of damage to the alveolar bone, and whether the adjacent teeth are tilted.

●Root calcification status: whether a second root canal treatment is required, etc.

He pointed out that the above-mentioned conditions cannot be easily detected by observing the mouth with the naked eye, and can only be carefully interpreted through X-ray films.

The various courses of dental treatment must be based on the basic oral conditions being stable enough (including: tooth decay has been treated, periodontal health), in order to increase the success rate of surgery.

Many people are worried, will X-rays harm the body?

Huang Yuheng explained that the safety of dental X-rays is very high. Judging from the clinical experience of dental development, X-rays will not cause other abnormalities in the body, and will not cause diseases due to taking X-rays.

He also said that in fact, most people receive radiation from the living space every day. In contrast, dental X-rays are limited in scope and the dose can be controlled to a smaller degree. Further protecting the sick, so no worries.

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