Harry and Meghan's documentary is considered to be "selling out" their son to gain attention.

The Netflix documentary "Harry & Meghan" was officially launched on the evening of the 8th Taiwan time. Not surprisingly, Prince Harry and Meghan once again fired at the royal family. There are also many clips about their stories and Archie who has never been exposed Compared with the photos of the little prince's life growing up, Megan always hated the paparazzi and called out the children's privacy.

It is rumored that the documentary that made Harry and Meghan 100 million US dollars (approximately NT$3.1 billion) was released in the middle of the 8th. In addition to "living up to everyone's expectations", they once again fought the royal family, including a large number of references to the royal family. Meghan's attack on the royal family's norms once again caused an uproar.

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Harry and Meghan's documentary is on the shelves, and they are at war with the royal family again.

However, when mentioning the story of the two, photos of Da Liang’s baby son Archie were also exposed, many of which he had never seen before, including the photo of Archie touching Princess Diana and the frontal photo of him riding on his father’s shoulders , and the photo of being held by his mother holding the American flag, obviously taken after moving to California, and a recent photo of Archie when he grew up, which is also a picture of being held by his mother and reading a storybook, Archie A head of curly hair is exactly like my dad!

The Harry and Meghan documentary exposed a lot of photos of Archie growing up.

Harry's interaction with the child has also become part of the following green film.

Photos of Archie touching Princess Diana were also posted.

Exposing a large number of children's growth photos in the documentary is not only considered to be "selling" the son's eyeballs, but many netizens even pointed out that the two people who have always been concerned about privacy, this time they really went all out for 100 million US dollars, and they all went crazy: " What about the privacy you agreed", "Not the most important thing about privacy", "Although I am very happy to see Archie's growth photos, but I don't like to be betrayed", "You can just betray yourself"!

Archie smiled brightly on his father's shoulder, and the cute model was fully exposed.

Archie is held by May with the American flag in his hand.

The photo of Archie who has obviously grown up is considered to be a recent growth photo.

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