Wen Shenghao wore a headgear to film the MV, and had a sweet rivalry with Peng Jiahui.

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[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] After the golden song, Peng Jiahui filmed the MV of Hakka's new song "Scent of Roses", composing a love song with "Prince White Bear" wearing a hood, dancing romantically in the sunset, and finally the prince took off the hood, It was revealed that the leading actor was Wen Shenghao.

Peng Jiahui's long-lost "girly heart" was aroused, and she praised Wen Shenghao for being so handsome, and said: "Why don't there be more dramas to act together?"

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Peng Jiahui and Luo Wenyu were very moved by Wen Shenghao (from right) for his support.

(Courtesy of Sony)

Wen Shenghao, who is also a Hakka, thought it was not easy to make a Hakka album, so he readily agreed when he received the cooperation invitation. Even though the traffic time was 3 hours back and forth, the actual shooting only took 10 minutes. Shout out moved.

Knowing that Wen Shenghao had released records and worked as a singer, Peng Jiahui also offered to invite him, hoping to have the opportunity to sing together in a concert in the future.

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