Zhuang Zhuang (left) attended the birthday party of Warcraft (right).

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] After "Warcraft" Howard (Dwight Howard) joined the T1 professional basketball Taoyuan Yongfeng Clouded Leopards, his every move has attracted much attention.

Yesterday (8) day was his 37th birthday, and the ball team booked a nightclub in the Eastern District to fulfill his DJ dream. Many cheerleading goddesses also participated in his birthday party.

Zhuang Zhuang, Wu Yixuan, and Mu Yan got together at the Warcraft birthday party.

(Reposted from IG)

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World of Warcraft held a birthday party on the 8th. PLG Taixin dreamer cheerleader Zhuang Zhuang and optimistic girls Wu Yixuan and Mu Yan all appeared at the party. Zhuang Zhuang posted pictures of the birthday celebration on IG. She was invited as the head of the Star Games, the head of the Lotte Peach Ape support team, and the cheerleader of Taixin Dreamers. She was very happy to be seen for her hard work. Although it was a different team, she was honored to be a lucky fan. She also exposed her relationship with World of Warcraft of interaction.

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Zhuang Zhuang said that Howard is very close to the people and has no superstar airs. He sang "Happy Birthday Song" in Chinese with the guests and interacted with everyone table by table.

She shared a video of holding Warcraft's hand, and said with a smile, "This should be the closest contact with an NBA star in this life!" Warcraft also told her "I Love You!" Wu Yixuan and Mu Yan also saw Warcraft himself for the first time , everyone is quite happy.

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