Government Resolution No. 839 of December 7, which defines these changes, was published on the National Legal Internet Portal, noted.

The resolution enters into force on January 1, 2023.

From now on, people with convictions under articles of the Criminal Code will not be admitted to the certification that allows them to work as a tour guide or guide-interpreter:

  • 123 (Propaganda of War);

  • 130 (Inciting racial, national, religious or other social enmity);

  • 293 (Mass disturbances);

  • 341-1 (Propaganda or public display, manufacture, distribution of Nazi symbols or paraphernalia);

  • 342 (Organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order, or active participation in them);

  • 357 (Conspiracy or other actions committed with the aim of usurping state power);

  • 361 (Calls for restrictive measures (sanctions), other actions aimed at harming the national security of the Republic of Belarus);

  • 367 (Defamation against the President of the Republic of Belarus);

  • 368 (Insult of the President of the Republic of Belarus);

  • 369 (Contempt of a representative of the authorities);

  • 369-1 (Discrediting the Republic of Belarus);

  • 369-3 (Public calls to organize or hold illegal meetings, rallies, street marches, demonstrations or picketing or involving persons in such mass events);

  • 370 (Insult of state symbols).

Earlier, according to Article 342 of the Criminal Code, tour guide and local historian

Igor Khmara was tried for participating in the protests in Minsk.

As a result of it

sentenced to 2.5 years of "home chemistry".

In addition, there is a whole list of articles of the Code of Administrative Offenses, due to the verdict of which they will also not be allowed to work as a tour guide or guide-interpreter:

  • 19/08 (Distribution of works that promote the cult of violence and cruelty);

  • 19.10 (Propaganda or public display, production, distribution of Nazi symbols or paraphernalia);

  • 19.11 (Distribution, production, storage, transportation of information products containing calls to extremist activities or promoting such activities);

  • 24.22 (Distribution of pre-arranged false information by means of mass media that dishonors the honor and dignity of the President of the Republic of Belarus);

  • 24.23 (Violation of the order of organizing or holding mass events).

In all these cases, previously issued certificates of attestation will be annulled.

Resolution No. 582 "On Excursion Service" on certification of tour guides and guides-interpreters was adopted in September.

According to it, an attestation commission will be created in each case to organize and conduct attestation, suspend the term of validity of the certificate or cancel the certificate.

In order to pass the certification, one must permanently reside in Belarus, have a full higher education, secondary special education or incomplete higher education (at least three undergraduate courses).

The attestation will take place in the form of an exam and will consist of two parts: a computer test and an oral interview.