In the "Missing You to the Moon" themed room of Master Nangang, there is a specially designed check-in wall looking at the moon.

(Provided by Nangang Classic Hotel)

[Reporter Zhou Xingrui/Taipei Report] Nangang Master Hotel and its neighboring partner Taipei Pop Music Center (referred to as "Northern Stream") have joined hands to create the only and limited-time "Missing You to the Moon" Zhang Yusheng special exhibition theme room in Taiwan, starting today Until February 28, 2023, there will be only 2 themed rooms during the period, namely "Looking at the Moon" and "Looking at the Earth". Double occupancy includes breakfast, starting at 3,300 yuan per room, and a free "Missing You to the Moon|Zhang Yusheng Special Exhibition" tickets, and a cute space embroidery sticker, welcome everyone to come to the "moon landing" music journey.

Master Nangang launched the theme room of Zhang Yusheng's special exhibition "Missing You to the Moon". The picture shows "Looking at the Earth".

(Provided by Nangang Classic Hotel)

Nangang Master Travel, which emphasizes local cultural connections, has long supported design art and established friendly relations with neighboring partners. This time, the themed room for Zhang Yusheng’s special exhibition launched in cooperation with Beiliu, cleverly integrated into the theme of the exhibition, combining space, universe, astronauts and other series elements , to add situational fun to the themed floors and traveler rooms; with the theme of the exhibition "FLY ME TO THE MOON & BACK", presenting the perspectives of the earth and the moon respectively, the two traveler rooms are designed as themed rooms "Looking at the Moon", "Looking at the earth", echoing is both a departure and a look back.

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If you stay in the theme room of "I miss you to the moon", you will get 2 exhibition tickets and 1 hi creatively designed embroidery sticker.

(Provided by Nangang Classic Hotel)

Nangang Master Travel said, "Looking at the Moon" is the hidden version of the guest room of Nangang Master. It has L-shaped large-area floor-to-ceiling windows, which is different from the general traveler room layout. With embellished luminous stickers, turn off the lights at night, turn on the star projection lights prepared in the room, and instantly seem to enter outer space and become an astronaut; the check-in wall of "Looking at the Earth" is designed on a large floor-to-ceiling mirror, which is even more spectacular , in particular, from the cat's eye, you can see the earth on the corridor wall, just like looking at the earth quietly from the moon, transforming into an explorer of the space moon landing project, making the house full of fun.

The corridors on the themed floors of "Missing You to the Moon" by Master Nangang create a space atmosphere.

(Provided by Nangang Classic Hotel)

In addition, "Missing You to the Moon" Zhang Yusheng's special exhibition theme room, in which Huang Yunling, Chairman of Beiliu, specially prepared Zhang Yusheng's classic song list, including "Missing You Every Day", "Take Me to the Moon", "My Future Is Not a Dream" 〉, etc., invite staying guests to search online and listen to aftertaste independently.

The two themed rooms are equipped with meaningful books, because it is the words and phrases in these books that inspire Zhang Yusheng's creation. Through Zhang Yusheng's reading list, you can learn more about his music works and style. You can browse freely and immerse yourself in the world of music.

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