[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Chen Qiaoen married Alan, a rich second-generation Malaysian who is 9 years younger, in March this year. The couple appeared on the reality show "Wife's Romantic Travel" together and talked about life after marriage. Chen Qiaoen mentioned that after marriage , I have an extra pair of parents. I am very grateful to her husband’s family for treating her like a family. It was her birthday. The couple hadn’t returned to Malaysia to meet their elders at that time, but Alan’s parents had already changed their words enthusiastically and told her "Mom and Dad wish you a happy birthday", "You are our family", treating her as his own daughter, full of love made Joe Chen shy and happy, and even moved to tears.

Chen Qiaoen is very grateful to her in-laws for treating her as a daughter.

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Chen Qiaoen said that after being together with Alan, the biggest change was "beginning to feel that family is very important", because her husband's family atmosphere is very good, as long as there is a birthday in the family, all family members, whether they are shopping in department stores or in the world Wherever you are, you must connect to sing happy birthday together.

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Chen Qiaoen said that she registered her marriage on March 31, and April 4 was her birthday. Her father-in-law and mother-in-law immediately video-conferenced and called herself "father and mother", treating her as family.

Chen Qiaoen said frankly that because he came out to work when he was very young, his relationship with his family was not close, and he never felt that the family was very warm. I don't want to go home."

But after Chen Qiaoen was with Alan, he felt that "I still have a home". As long as I went home and saw him, I felt that the grievances outside were nothing, "He is my home. Without him, I feel that I It would be really lonely."

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