[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Up Live cooperated with the P+ League "Hsinchu Street Siege Lions Professional Basketball Team". Its cheerleading team Muse Girls joined as the host of the live broadcast. The popular member Wendy also attracted attention because of her sexy temperament , she became very popular as soon as the broadcast was launched. With a generous personality, she admitted frankly that Luo Zhixiang is her favorite, and she prefers deep facial features and a tall figure.

Wendy is a member of Muse Girls.

(provided by up live broadcast)

21-year-old Wendy has a good figure of 34C/26/35, and is lively and dazzling on the court. In fact, she lacked self-confidence due to strict discipline at home when she was a child. Gang Yi School Performing Arts Department, yearning for a foreign life, she went to Canada to study alone after graduation, moving towards the goal of a commercial dancer, and then returned to Taiwan due to the impact of the epidemic, and accidentally started her life as a cheerleader.

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Wendy has a good figure of 34C/26/35, and her popularity exploded as soon as the broadcast started.

(provided by up live broadcast)

Wendy said frankly that because her ex-boyfriend is a basketball player, she often goes to watch the game, and by chance, she signed up for the selection and was selected as Mushi girl.

Is it awkward to meet your ex-boyfriend at work?

Wendy said: "Both of them will not be embarrassed, it feels like old friends." She has been single for a year, and said that although she is in the sports circle, the other half does not have to be a boy who can exercise, as long as he is caring and good-tempered. In terms of appearance, Luo Zhixiang, who has recently come back, is her favorite. She likes deep facial features and a tall figure.

Wendy hopes to have the opportunity to go to Canada to complete her studies.

(provided by up live broadcast)

In addition to spending a lot of time practicing and rehearsing dances every day, Wendy has also officially become a freshman in the live broadcast. She regularly meets and chats with fans online every week to share her private life. Many fans and friends from the stadium will come to support her, which makes her very touched.

Speaking of future goals, Wendy said: "I will continue to move towards the goal of being a professional dancer. If I have the opportunity, I will go to Canada to complete my studies."

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