Wildcard development standard, Tina Dutta will be tagged as fake

New Delhi:

The 'Friday Ka Vaar' of Bigg Boss 16 has arrived, in which host Salman Khan is once again going to lash out at the contestants.

Meanwhile, a new promo of the show has also surfaced, in which a new entry i.e. Vikas will be seen.

As soon as he arrives, a ruckus will be seen in the show.

Not only this, where Tina Dutta and Sajid Khan and MC Stan's classes will be held in the show, the dose of entertainment will be seen increasing when Shahnaz Gill will reach the sets of Bigg Boss for promotion.

During this, the special chemistry of Salman and Shahnaz is going to be seen by the fans. 

Said this on the relationship between Tina and Shaleen

Full Promo 💫

★ 2nd Wildcard entry and task

★ Salman bashed Saj*d

★ #ShehnaazGiIl as guest#BiggBoss16 |


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Shortly before, the promo of the upcoming episode of the show has gone viral, in which Salman Khan, the host of 'Friday's War', is seen talking about giving gifts to the family members and getting new wild cards entered.

In fact, in the promo, Salman gets wild card Vikas Manaktala to enter and asks him to give tags to the family members according to his own.

While giving the tag of fake to Vikas, Tina and Sajid, they say that Tina's relationship with Shaleen is based on meaning and for Sajid, Vikas said that he speaks something else in front and something else behind.

Promo 💫#ShehnaazGiIl in Friday #WeekendKaVaar#BiggBoss16 |


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Salman will give reality check to Sajid

#ShehnaazGill on #BiggBoss16 interaction with Salman Khan is so cute..!


— Shivvv ✨🥂 (@Stan4Foreverr) December 8, 2022

Apart from this, Salman Khan will also be seen taunting Sajid Khan saying that Sajid has become a self-proclaimed Mahaguru, who will not fulfill anyone's wish.

And they will get things done according to their comfort.

Today we will be righteous here and tomorrow we will be righteous there.

So Sajid you are Parshal.

Let me tell you, this time in Friday's war, MC will be seen explaining about Stan's repeated exit from the house.

However, Stan will be seen deciding to leave the house.

Apart from this, Shahnaz Gill will be seen in Bigg Boss 16 for her upcoming project. 

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