An American girl named Madeline, with a lush imagination and a clear awareness that bureaucracy can trip up dreams, got her wish and received a permit from the Los Angeles veterinary authorities to own a unicorn if she could find one, BTA reported.

The first-of-its-kind permit for the mythical animal is accompanied by guidelines for keeping it - to provide it with adequate exposure to sunlight, moonlight and encounters with rainbows, to have its horn cleaned at least once a month with a soft cloth, and at least once a week to eats watermelon

Marcia Mayeda, director of the local veterinary office, sent the girl a pink heart-shaped metal tag that said "Permanent Unicorn Permit" and a stuffed toy unicorn with a silver horn.

Unicorn runs on road in California (video)

Last month, the girl sent the office a short letter that read: "Dear City of Los Angeles, I would like your approval to grow a unicorn in our backyard if I can find one."

Mayeda applauds Madeline for "her sense of responsibility in keeping a pet to ask for prior permission."

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