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We're about to send 2022 on its way, but it's been a very exciting 12 months for the world of show business.

Whatever happened during them - weddings, babies, divorces.

One of the most vivid and fresh memories is that of the collapse of the family of Blagoi Georgiev and Zlatka Raykova, who did not even bother to explain the reason for the separation, but let the yellow media write about their relationship.

The former football player managed to quickly find a new companion in life, get engaged to her, and after only 3 months of relationship, they had a lavish wedding for a miracle and a fairy tale.

A few days ago we found out that his ex-partner Zlatka is 4-5 months pregnant by her new boyfriend Karen.

The two also got engaged quite quickly, but there was an adequate reason for that - the blonde silicone girl is pregnant.

There will also be a wedding for them, but after the birth.

This is how Jesus responded to the news about Zlatka being pregnant

In a television interview, Blago said that he really rushed the marriage, but now he and Polina, who is much younger than him, will give themselves time to get to know each other and then move on to the next step in their relationship - namely children.

Jesus doesn't react in any way to the news about Zlatka and Karen, but he hardly cares much about her anymore. 

For many years Blago played as a footballer in Russia and since then his love for the country is great.

Recently, the family often visits one of the most famous Russian restaurants in the center of the capital, and it is obvious that they quite like it.

A few hours ago, Polina shared a photo from the restaurant in question, and she is holding a stuffed toy in her hands, with which she hides her belly - is Polina pregnant and thus wants to share the news, so as not to be too late after Zlatka?

In our opinion, this is quite possible and will be quite expected, writes the channel Vbox7.