In this selection, you will find luxurious velvet dresses, retro looks, and laconic outfits with elegant styling.

"The Age of Adaline"

A film with an incredible story and charming costumes, where the main character is always 29 years old.

On New Year's Eve, a girl named Adaline, played by Blake Lovely, appears in a long burgundy velvet dress with a teardrop neckline and a cut-out back.

This outfit was very impressive, and its style is clearly timeless.

Such a dress will kill your guests instantly.

"When Harry Met Sally"

A good movie about love that can be watched dozens of times, enjoying the performance of Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.

But apart from the jokes and experiences of the main characters, this film is just an example of the style of the 80s, because you want to repeat almost all the images on yourself, Sally was already very stylish.

However, it is still worth noting her New Year's dress.

It was a knee-length dress with bare shoulders, a dropped waist and an elegant ruffle.

Under the dress, costumers chose black tights and suede pumps with low heels.

"A couple for the holidays"

This movie with Emma Roberts was released very recently, and the main character can hardly be called a fashionista, but she always dressed tastefully for important events.

Therefore, one can not forget the dress of her heroine, which she chose for the celebration of New Year's Eve: a black evening dress with straps, which perfectly emphasizes the chest.

Simple, sexy and really effective.

"Bridget Jones's Diary"

Probably, there is no person who has not heard about Bridget Jones.

Her image in red pajamas with penguins, socks and a glass of wine in her hand has become legendary and will be perfect for celebrating this New Year.

Just put on the same cozy suit, light the candles, pour red and turn on All by myself — and the holiday will be perfect.

"Vacation by exchange"

This kind and funny movie will inspire you in more than one image, because it will help you to come up with outfits for both New Year's Eve and Christmas in the family circle, because the main characters were always wrapped in warm sweaters.

In beautiful dresses, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz appear in the film only a few times, but in what ones!

In the finale of the picture, their heroines appeared in black evening dresses: Kate in a classic dress with wide straps and a neckline, and Cameron in a dress with a black corset and a light skirt, which was decorated with a bow on the neckline and satin straps.

"Meet Me in St. Louis"

This is a classic color musical film that will not only give you a lot of fun while watching, but also inspire the outfits worn in the early 20th century.

Bright colors, corsets, high hairstyles and velvet.

The main heroine of the film named Esther is especially charming, from whom it is worth taking an example, choosing a themed outfit in a similar style.

"Sex and the City"

The image of Carrie Bradshaw could not be included in this list, but not from the TV series, but from the feature film.

There is no better outfit for a pajama party on New Year's Eve than the one in which Carrie ran to her friend's house at night so that she would not face the holiday alone.

Although it was an ordinary pajama, she decorated it with a glamorous hat, gloves, white boots and a string of pearls.

Moreover, the make-up of the main character was also very cute.

If your celebration will take place at home, pay attention to this outfit.

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

You're probably very surprised to see this movie on the list, but you can't help but remember Hermione's beautiful outfit in the fourth series of the Harry Potter story.

When the heroine appeared in this purple dress at the Christmas ball.

The image turned out to be very gentle, naive, but tasteful.

Well, exactly like a fairy-tale princess.

"Far From Paradise"

If the theme of your New Year's party is the 50s, do not forget about the elegant image of the successful businessman's wife Cathy from the movie "Far from Paradise", which she chose for the holiday party.

A bright red dress with a lush skirt, lace and styling is a perfect combination.

Julianne Moore deserved an Oscar nomination for her role in this film, but nothing would have worked without her gorgeous images.

"Surviving Christmas"

If you want simplicity and convenience, you should pay attention to the image of Christina Applegate from the family Christmas comedy "Surviving Christmas".

Her heroine chose a simple outfit for the celebration, which was also elegant: classic black pants, a blouse with sequins and a light milky knitted jumper.

This outfit was complemented by light makeup and simple styling with careless waves.

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